SMILE™ Financial Management

Traditional Management with a Modern Touch

SMILE™ is a comprehensive government accounting system that combines traditional financial management features with a customizable framework designed to meet any mission-critical agency requirement. In fact, SMILE has served as the financial system of record for the Georgia Department of Human Resources (DHS) for more than 40 years.

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40+ Years of Experience

Since 1978, SMILE has provided a full-service financial management solution for state, local, and client funds that includes budgeting, asset management, general ledger, employee payroll, travel and leave, child welfare, month- and year-end processes, auditing, and payment processing.

Drive Decision Making

SMILE’s data collection and reporting capabilities meet local, state, and federal requirements with flexibility by providing unlimited reporting, including SQL, menu option reports, and ad hoc requests.

Simplify Your Operations

SMILE enables seamless data sharing through bi-directional interfaces with other critical systems, eliminating the need for manual transfers which in turn reduces error rates and increases efficiency.

Feature No. 1

Extra Mile Customer Service

Not only do we provide ongoing customer service and technical assistance, we’re also here for extensive training and system enhancements to support your agency as you grow.

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Feature No. 2

Self-Service Portal

With SMILE, agency employees and vendors get convenient access to a secure online portal where they can review detailed payment and tax information. Employees can also manage their payroll, benefits, travel, and leave, reducing paperwork and streamlining agency operations.

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