Child Support Services

SMI Child Support ServicesChildren greatly depend on their child support funds for their daily living needs as well as to secure solid, bright futures. With the budget issues facing many agencies, child support executives are faced with providing more services with fewer resources. SMI understands your dilemma and offers solutions to help you continue to exceed the expectations of the families you serve.

Since 1999, SMI has been in the child support arena providing premier full scale child support services and solutions to agencies across the nation. SMI and our state partners are a very close-knit family. We have formed many close working relationships with over 19 states and 160 agencies over our long history. Not only has SMI been a leader in the child support industry for many years, but we have transitioned contracts from other vendors with ease and retained our original contracts. It is evident with SMI that families and children are at the center of what we do.